Los Pensionados begins


From Monday 02/02/04, from Monday to Friday at 21hs by Channel 13.

This is the new TV show in which participate Luisana.

2004: ErreWay 3º cd - Rebelde Way's movie


Luisana is recording the 3º ErreWay's cd and filming the Rebelde Way's movie.

Rebelde Way goodies


Rincón de Luz cards


2003 NEWS

ErreWay: tour 2004


On January, ErreWay was presented in: Punta del Este, Uruguay; Villa Gesell and Mar del Plata (18/01).

Luisana in Israel again!


Luisana was in Israel from 15/12/03 to 23/12/03 to record some commercials and to promote TIEMPO.

Were also Agustín and Tali by Rincón de Luz acting in a musical.

Rincón de Luz ended


On Thursday 18/12/03 ended the only Rincón de Luz season.

Rebelde Way ended


After 2 seasons, Rebelde Way ended on Friday 12/12/03.

Rincón de Luz: new schedule


From Monday November 10th in América 2 from Monday to Friday:

Rincón de Luz (11hs to 12hs)

ErreWay tour


July 5th - Newell's Stadium (Rosario)
July 11th - Orfeo Stadium (Córdoba)

July 12th - Orfeo Stadium (Córdoba)

August 8th - Gran Rex Theater (Mendoza)
August 9th - Gran Rex Theater (Mendoza)

August 10th - San Juan

August 15th - Delmi Stadium (Salta)

August 16th - Sport's Palace (Tucumán)

August 24th - Ruca Che Stadium (Neuquén)

August 30th, Gran Rex Theater (Junín)

August 31th, Centro Stadium (Chivilcoy)
September 6th - La Plata (celebration of the centennial's foundation of La Plata)

September 7th - Unión Stadium (Santa Fe)

September 12th - Gran Rex Theater (Capital Federal)

September 13th (2 shows) - Gran Rex Theater (Capital Federal)

September 19th - Río Grande

September 21st - Ushuaia

September 27th (2 shows) - Gran Rex Theater (Capital Federal)

September 28th - Gran Rex Theater (Capital Federal)

October 11th - Polideportivo Stadium (Mar del Plata)

October 12th - Estudiantes Stadium (Bahía Blanca)

October 18th - León Condur Stadium (Asunción, Paraguay)

October 21st - Explanada del Museo de la Nación (Lima, Perú)

October 23rd - Plaza de Toros (Quito, Ecuador)

October 25th - Coliseo (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

November 8th - Muñiz Club (San Miguel)

November 15th - Río Cuarto

November 16th - San Luis

November 22nd - Peñarol Palace (Montevideo, Uruguay)
November 29th - San Carlos Theater (Junín)

November 30th - Polideportivo (San Nicolás)

December 6th - La Fiesta Theater (Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)

Rebelde Way & Rincón de Luz began in Channel 2


From Monday July 28th in América 2 from Monday to Friday:

Rincón de Luz (18hs to 19hs)

Rebelde Way (20hs to 21hs)

Rebelde Way & Rincón de Luz left Channel 9


Rebelde Way & Rincón de luz ended on Friday June 27th in the screen of Channel 9. The channel and its producers (Cris Morena & Yair Dori) didn't reach an economic agreement.


Cris Morena & Carlos Ávila signed live the contract that unite her to América, in Intrusos, on Monday June 30th.

Pabo Lizaso


On 25/06/03, 2 years of Pablo Lizaso's death was completed, a great actor that worked in Chiquititas 2000/2001. interpreted to "Enzo Miranda".

More details

Rebelde Way agreed with the Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. was designed as exclusive agent for international commercialization of cycle's merchandising in the entire world (except Israel). The cycle, also, will be produced in a special format to be aired in U.S.A. & Spain. "When we created the serie we had special care in that stayed an universal language", Cris Morena said.

ErreWay in Ezeiza

Arrived from Israel on Monday April 28th.


ErreWay in Much Music

ErreWay was presented in Much Music on Saturday May 24th.

The mini show will be aired in the month of July.


ErreWay in El Dante

ErreWay presented Tiempo cd in El Dante on Wednesday May 14th.


Luisana turned 16 years old!


On 18/05/03 Luisana turned 16 years old!

Note about Luisana in Linda magazine



Read the note of the Linda magazine Nº 52

Luisana's wallpapers

You can see 11 Luisana's wallpapers in:

CD of Rincón de Luz

Includes a poster gift


Rincón de Luz began


Rincón de Luz (the continuation of Chiquititas) began on Monday 10/02/03 at 20hs by Channel 9. From Monday to Friday.

From Monday 10/03/03, at 18hs.

 In the cast are several ex Chiquititas as Guido Kazcka, Agustín Sierra, Natalia Melcom, Georgina Mollo, Nadia Di Cello, Milagros Flores, Nicolás Goldschmidt, Susana Lanteri and Lucas Crespi. Soledad Pastorutti será la protagonista.


See news of Chiquititas