Chiquititas come back in 2003


In January come back the Cris Morena's TV show.

The TV show will be called "Rincón de luz" and will be in Channel 9.

Also, Telefe will make a continuation of Chiquititas called "Corazones en banda".

Chiquititas in Israel


Camila, Felipe & Cris Morena were in Israel from 3rd to 15/3/02.

They were in some TV shows, in a party, ina commercial and in public appearances.


In Israel the first seasons of Chiquititas were aired. Recently begun 2000 season (the second with Luisana). They have also seen the movie "Rincón de Luz", released several cds and the version of the "Chiquititas" magazine in hebrew.

Also they air "Rebelde Way".

Chiquititas 95 ended


From Monday 13/5/02 until Friday 2/8/02 it was aired again the first season of Chiquititas in TELEFE.

"Chiquititas 98" finished

It finished on Friday 29/3/02.

It was aired from Tuesday 4/9/01, Monday to Friday from 6pm to 7pm, by TELEFE.

New Chiquititas magazine

Special magazine number 10

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Better site of Chiquititas (February of 2002)

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Chiquititas 2002: Bad news


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Chiquititas magazine

Magazine number 141

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Chiquititas, Rincón de luz

Limited edition video

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Gente magazine Nº 1900


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The Chiquititas participated in a homage to the kids, organized by Foundation United Children for the World.

Chiquititas 2001: Old news


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Pablo Lizaso


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