RW 2002


"From inside" video

It's for sale in Garbarino. Include theatre's backstage.


Book of pics of Rebelde Way

It's for sale the book of pics of Rebelde Way.


Rebelde Way's cards

Rebelde Way's cards album is for sale.


Rebelde Way in the Theater

Rebelde Way in Gran Rex Theater.

With the presentation of the band ERREWAY.

From Friday 20/9 until Sunday 27/10.

FAREWELL: Last 2 shows: 16 & 17/11.


ERREWAY in Much Music

On Saturday 14/9 Luisana, Camila, Benjamín & Felipe played a mini show and two interviews in Much Music.


ERREWAY in Abasto

On Sunday 11/8 Luisana, Camila, Benjamín & Felipe played their first show in Abasto Shopping in front of more than 15,000 fans.


ERREWAY's cd released

On 29/7/02 ERREWAY's cd called SEÑALES was released.


Find it in the kiosks together as an special edition magazine.


News of Rebelde Way

Visit the offical site in

Videochat in Terra / R-Way in MTV / CD / Theatre / Magazine

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The Chiquititas are Rebels

On Monday May 27th Rebelde Way began.

On Friday December 6th ended.

It will continue in 2003.

(Monday to Friday 20hs by Channel 9)

This new TV show, created by Cris Morena, have new songs and in its cast are old well-known:


click para agrandarLuisana Lopilato, Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo, Benjamín Rojas, Diego García, Georgina Mollo, Micaela Vazquez, Coco Maggio, Diego Mesaglio, Guillermo Santa Cruz, Nadia Di Cello, Agustín Sierra, María Fernanda Neil, Fernán Mirás, Hilda Bernard, María Rojí, Susana Ortíz e Irene Almus. Also are Catherine Fulop, Boy Olmi, Arturo Bonín, Martín Seefeld and new kids too.

Rebelde Way's casting


Theater shop of REBELDE WAY.
You can be Rebel for a day!
If you have between 14 and 18 years old, send your data and a picture to Ravignani 1493, Postal Code (1414).