Luisana Loreley Lopilato

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Born on 18/05/87. At her early 17 years old, she's an actress and singer of the ErreWay band. She has participated in diverse TV shows and in two movies ("Un amor en Moisés Ville" & "Chiquititas, Rincón de Luz"). She worked in "Chiquititas" from 1999 at 2001 in TV, in theater and in the magazine. On 2001 she participated in the TV show "Chiquititas La Historia" and in "Chiquititas 2001". In 2002 and 2003 in the TV show "Rebelde Way".

In 2004 she filmed the movie of Rebelde Way "4 Caminos)", she was in the TV show "Los Pensionados" and now in "Los secretos de Papá".


"Luisana: Little princess of the story, frank little woman that doesn't know how beautiful is on the outside and inside. In you, Lu, there is a homage to the pure beauty... and there.. she ascends to receive the Chiquititas of gold"


Un amor en Moisés Ville

This movie is the first that Luisana filmed, she was only 8 years old!!

It was presented in the month of April of 2001 in the cinemas of Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires. 

It had already been presented in the county of Santa Fe, where is Moisés Ville city.


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The 100 questions to Luisana:

(year 2001)

  1. Name: Luisana Loreley Lopilato.

  2. Age: 14 years old.

  3. Birthday: May 18th.

  4. Birthplace: Argentina.

  5. Nickname: Luli.

  6. Height: 1,68 meters.

  7. Which year are you studying?: Second.

  8. Who do you form your family?: Mother, father, 2 siblings, my dog, a rabbit, 2 cats, 2 laboratory rats and a hamster.

  9. How do you celebrate your birthdays?: In general, very calm; but this year, I make a party for my 15.

  10. A virtue: I'm very trustworthy.

  11. A defect: I always want to have the reason.

  12. A debility: The candies.

  13. Favorite color: Violet and blue.

  14. A food: The caracú.

  15. A dessert: Pears to the mint.

  16. A drink: Soda.

  17. Lucky numer: The 7.

  18. Hobbies: Act.

  19. An animal: Dolphin and monkey.

  20. A pet: All those that I have.

  21. A sport: Skate on ice.

  22. Soccer's team: River.

  23. Do you go to the stadium?: I was, for the first time, 1 month ago.

  24. A mania: Eat cakes every day.

  25. A joke that made you laugh: I don't remember, I'm not good for the jokes.

  26. The sentence that more you use: Are you happy?.

  27. An actor: I don't have.

  28. An actress: Andrea Del Boca.

  29. A movie: Los otros.

  30. Favorite kind of movie: Action.

  31. A TV show: El show de Video Match.

  32. An idol: Luis Miguel.

  33. A writer: Quevedo.

  34. A book: El hombre de la armadura de hierro.

  35. The last one that you read: The same one.

  36. A music group: The Backstreet Boys.

  37. A singer: Luis Miguel.

  38. A song: El día que me quieras.

  39. A great invention: The world.

  40. A season of the year: Spring.

  41. A place in the world: I don't know. Far away.

  42. Would you live in another country?: Yes, but not all my life.

  43. Beach or mountain: Beach.

  44. Sleep or get up early: Sleep.

  45. Your best friend is... Natalia Olguín.

  46. Favorite clothes: Jeans, t-shirt and color slippers.

  47. Do you have boyfriend?: Yes.

  48. How is the profile of the boys that you like?: As my boyfriend.

  49. An impossible love: Luis Miguel.

  50. What are you attracted by of a man?: That he be sweet and that he treat me right.

  51. Did you fall in love at first sight?: No.

  52. Do you believe in friendship between man and woman?: Yes.

  53. Did you fall in love some time with a friend?: Me not, but him yes.

  54. The ideal man: Kind, candy and solidary.

  55. Do you say compliments?: Sometimes.

  56. Do you prefer conquer or be conquered?: That they conquer me.

  57. How do you come closer to the boy that you like?: I never come closer.

  58. Did you made some madness for love?: No.

  59. A fear: To God.

  60. Do you have some cabal?: No.

  61. A mischief of the childhood: None, I was very calm.

  62. In the school, studious or lazy?: Normal.

  63. Favorite matter: Biology.

  64. Do you copy from others?: Yes, in all of the matters.

  65. A concern: What is happening in the world.

  66. A pain: Go to the doctor to vaccinate me.

  67. A desire: That the world is tranquilized.

  68. A toast for... My family.

  69. The best gift that you have received: My 15 year-old party.

  70. What do you like to give?: Good things.

  71. Do you spend or do you save?: Spend.

  72. In what do you spend your money?: I save a little, and the rest I spend it in hairdresser and slippers of different colors, among other things.

  73. An image to freeze: The dinner of Christmas with my grandmother Rosa.

  74. Do you believe in God?: Yes.

  75. What would you thank Him?: All of  the opportunities that He gave me.

  76. Why would you ask Him for forgiveness?: For the mistakes that I made.

  77. A moment of the day: The evening.

  78. The more you like of theater: To know people.

  79. The scene that you more enjoyed to record: All.

  80. A disadvantage of being famous: None.

  81. Do you interest what say the others?: No.

  82. To who do you request advice?: To my mother.

  83. A defeat: That River loses.

  84. A pretty memory: My grandmother.

  85. A dream: To pick up all of the poor people from the streets, to give them of eating and the possibility to  take a bath.

  86. A pending subject: To have a dinner with Luis Miguel.

  87. A nightmare: To dream that pursue me.

  88. The worst showy: To fall and that all look at me.

  89. The ideal date: Go to eat, to dance and later to sleep the whole day.

  90. What do you like to do a rain afternoon?: Connect me to the Internet, drink mate and enjoy calm at home.

  91. Do you consider yourself a different girl because you are in TV?: No.

  92. A distraction: To be with my family in a country.

  93. How do you imagine yourself in 20 years?: Married, with children and very happy in family.

  94. If you had to thank something to somebody, to who would you choose?: God.

  95. Three things that gave you Chiquititas: Friends, happiness and to think that everything in the life it's possible if you really wants it.

  96. Do you like to travel?: Yes.

  97. If they give you a ticket, to where would you go?: Now I'm not happened a place especially.

  98. What do you miss?: The beach and my grandfather.

  99. What things make you anger?: To they put me nervous and that they tell me "no".

  100. What do you excite?: The sad movies.